Lunch Buffet at Vikings 🍴

Hello, WordPress. 

Calling all foodies out there! If you’re craving for a certain food but you can’t get to decided which food is it, this luxury buffet is certainly for you!



Dine like a viking!

Vikings is located in selected malls in Metro Manila.  It is the largest buffet restaurant in the Philippines and they serve American and Asian cuisines.


My friends and I had our lunch buffet for Php800/$17 each (quite expensive but the food is totally worth it!) at Vikings Restaurant, Mall of Asia. There are lots of foods to choose from! American, Filipino, Japanese foods- you name it!

So here are some of the photos I took at Vikings:


U.S Beef


Mini sized burgers!


Different types of Sashimi. Yum!


You can also create your own pizza. This is my creation. (Sorry, I already ate half of it.)




Lots of Maki!




Strawberry, Chocolate and Milk fountain! My haven!


And here’s a photo of a cute little thing checking out the food you ate. Haha!

Well these are the only photos I can share with you since there’s too many people in the food area (that’s just an excuse. I was too busy eating.).

Oh, and before I forget! If you’re going to dine in Vikings within your birth date, you can eat for free! Just make sure you bring one paying adult. You can check their website here.  Be sure to check out their promos. (Last time we went there, you can also dine in for free if you recently just graduated.)

After we finished our meal, we went out to take photos since the weather is good.


Beautiful Manila Bay.

On my next food blog, I will be showing you another buffet- an exclusive Filipino buffet that serves the best Filipino cuisine!

See ya!






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