Caleruega Church, Tagaytay, Philippines

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I promised you on my recent blog post that I will be sharing with you some of my travel experience here in the Philippines. This is going to be my very first travel blog and I hope I can encourage you all to visit our tropical country by taking a look at my travel photos!


As we all know, the Philippines was conquered by Spaniards in the old times and that is how we were influenced by the Spanish in terms of architecture, food and language. Upon researching about this place, Caleruega church is said to be one of the replicas of a church Spain which is called Caleruega as well.

This majestic place is found in Batangas but I still don’t get why people say it is located in Tagaytay. As you can see on the photo below, the place is marvelous! It’s filled with colorful flowers and overlooking mountains.The church is known for its wedding destination as it is really a romantic place!


A foggy morning when we visited the Church. Still mesmerizing despite the bad weather. PS: this place is very instagram-y! 

My college friends and I went to Caleruega church on February 14, 2015, Valentines day (we were all single back then! :p). Since the place is quite near from where we live (Cavite) , the trip only lasted for 1 1/2 hour.

travel tie

As soon as we reached the place, we went for a short picnic before hiking up the church (yes you have to walk a bit further to get there).


Every lamp you can see inside the place is full of awesome designs! I didn’t get to capture all of it, but this is one of the detailed lamps I have seen in Caleruega. 

Caleruega is not only a place for wedding destinations but for relaxation too! There are some attractions aside from the church that you can see such as a man-made fish pond, a worm farm, a hanging bridge and a picnic area. (I apologize if I can’t provide you any photos, I wasn’t able to get a handy camera back then, I’m only using a Samsung S4).

So here’s a peek inside the well-known wedding church!




Just imagine yourself being wed in this place, with your groom waiting at the right side of the aisle while playing a wedding song~ ♥♥♥ Aaaah! I want to get married right now! (kidding. I’m too young to get married :p)


So I’ll be leaving you here with some pictures of yellow flowers I found in the place too. If you’re in the Philippines right now for vacation and want to get away with the busy streets of Manila, I highly suggest you visit this place! 

That’s it for now, I’ll see you on my next blog post!





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  1. Hello! Thank you for taking time to read my blog post! I actually thought no one was reading it, haha! And your blog is way amazing too! ❤ you've been to so many places already! And yes lets be friends, pleasure to meet you as well 🙂


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