First blog post.

Hello, WordPress. 


It’s a cold August month here in the Philippines and I’m very much enjoying the weather. Yesterday, I went biking while raining just to catch some Pokemons (sadly, I didn’t catch anything rare) and bought some food for dinner. This is probably the most productive thing I did this week because I’m always at home and never gets out.


(It’s raining all week in the Philippines. Loving this weather ❤) 

Let me tell you something about myself. I don’t really like getting out that much since I love to just sit on my bed and surf all day but that’s not good for my health so when the weather is good I used to jog or bike around our place but these days I can’t since it usually rains. I’m an introvert person so I love spending time on my own, but I love hanging out with people from time to time.  👍


(Goats eating grass. Look at the dark clouds! ☁)

I’m unemployed as of now and making the most of my time with family and friends. While on a break from work, I’m setting up my goals in the future about continuing school and working overseas (will tell you more about my goals in my future blog post!).

Next blog post will be about a new language I’m currently learning. Stay tuned!




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