Bonjour, ça va?

Hi! For this blog post, I will be sharing with you a new language I’m learning which is…. 


(FRENCH!)  ♥

French history, culture and language has always been my huge interest since I was young. I’m fond of reading and watching movies that is related to the country. Paris, Versailles, The Louvre – who wouldn’t fall in love with these places?

One day while scrolling posts on tumblr, I came across this free language learning website posted by a tumblr user. Curious me, I checked the site which is called Duolingo and voila! there’s a French class on it!

It’s free and you can learn other languages aside from French which is really awesome so I definitely grabbed the opportunity. There’s lots of good things on it and FACT: You will really learn! For you to visualize how Duolingo looks like, this is a a photo of my French class:


(I’m currently using the mobile version of this website. ♥  On the buttons above, once you click them there are several sections wherein you can learn different words. There is no time limit and you can also take a test if you’re brave enough to pass through some of the buttons.)  ♥

Cool, isn’t it? It’s user friendly so you won’t be having any trouble navigating the website!  Seems interesting? Try it here! You can also follow me on Duolingo and be friends!




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